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It's raining. Bella Swan runs out of her truck and grabs T Rajendar's arm. He stands before her shirtless and in denim shorts, hair and beard soaked by the rain.

"Why don't you answer my calls? Is that it..your just gonna leave me?!" she pleads with him. She is momentarily distracted by his physique, she's never seen him like this before..attractive

"What happened to you? Have you grown a beard?"

TR sighs

"Adiye Bellaaaa
Nan ippa oru maathiri fellaaaa
Edward un jodi
Enaku Podi!
Avan oru blood junkie 
En kaila kedacha avan chutney
Dandanakka Danukkanakka.."


He then disappears into the woods leaving behind a heartbroken Bella.