Bella's difficult choice


Edward and Bela laid down on the damp grass and stared at the stars. The meadow looked beautiful and Edward was doing that "sparkling under the moonlight" bullshit that no true badass vampire would do, but Bella didn't notice any of this. Her mind was somewhere else

"What are you thinking?" Edward asked.

"Nothing," Bella replied a little to quickly. Edward groaned.

"Please Bella. I still can't read your mind you know, and I really want to know why you're upset."

Bella sat up and looked into the forest so that he couldn't see her eyes. He sat up with her and put his hand on the small of her back.

"I'm confused Edward" Bella said. "There's someone..."

before she could finish a giant gorilla pounced out of the forest and pinned Edward to the ground.

"TR!!" Bella cried "What are you doing here?!". Bella hadn't seen TR in a long time ever since Edward had come. She was pleased to see him despite the shock.

The gorilla released Edward from its powerful grip and walked towards Bella, slowly transforming into his human form that looked no different from his gorilla form.

"Ne enda rasathi, Bella" TR flashed Bella's favourite smile "Ne enga ponalum, nan varuvan"

"She's made her choice" Edward sneered annoyed by TR's presence. "Back off!!".

TR snarled at him and clenched his fist releasing his badass Wolverine style claws. Edward snarled back to show his fangs. Shit was about to go down.

"No" Bella pleaded moving in between them. "Don't fight, it's.."

but before she could finish a giant bullfrog leaped out of the forrest

"No Vijayakanth!!" Bella pleaded.

"ANNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!" Vijayakanth shouted releasing a sonic boom from his mouth that hurtled both Edward and TR up in the air away from Bella. The bullfrog transformed into its fat human form and walked towards Bella

Vijayakanth gently pulled Bella closer to him. She turned her head to avoid meeting his yellow eyes. She couldn't look at him, she was confused enough already. Vijayakanth brushed a strand of hair away from her face and gently turned her face towards him. She starred into his yellow eyes as his hot, whiskey breath warmed her face. Vijayakanth looked at her in a way that every girl wanted to be looked at. Those feelings that she tried to bury came flooding back. 

"I iz kathalikeren you, Bel-La" he said.

"Captain" Bella sighed "I love.."

but before she could finish a hairy paw connected with Captains face sending him flying away from Bella. It was TR back in his bear form. He turned to Bella smiling but suddenly Edward pounced on his back and sunk his teeth into his hairy neck. TR roared in pain as he pulled the vampire off his back before using his incredible strength to throw him in the direction of Captain who was running back to join the fight.

An epic fight between the three ensued. Bella watched horrified from the sidelines as the two men and Edward tore into each other. Although it hurt to watch the three of them fight she secretly hoped it would end in two of them dying. It would make her decision a lot easier.