Drinking and smoking during pregnancy increases likelihood of giving birth to Vijay fans


Reported by Bigari Harse

A new scientific study has revealed that smoking and drinking during pregnancy will impact a childís intelligence so severely that they'll grow up to become a Vijay fan.

Researchers at the University of Chennai tested 10,000 children for IQ levels and investigated whether their mothers had smoked and drank during pregnancy. Findings revealed that children with the lowest IQ scores were far more likely to watch and enjoy a Vijay film.

The principle investigator, Prof. Raj Rajaratnam, hoped the results would act as a warning to expectant mothers

 "I appreciate that my findings are controversial and that we live in a day and age where its acceptable for a woman to drink alcohol, but if someone told you that enjoying a shot of Jack Daniels and Coke increases the likelihood of you giving birth to a Vijay, I am pretty sure most sensible women would stop and thinkĒ

 Vijay is said to be shocked at the finding and sources close to him claim that he plans to start a pro drinking campaign within the next few months to boost his waning fan club. The source told us

 "Vijay sar is fully aware that most of his fans wonít survive beyond the age of 40 and therefore is thinking of his future.Ē