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"Let me introduce your new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Vijayakanth," said Prof McGonagall, flashing a wide smile. "He has just arrived from Madurai and he doesn't speak English very well, but I want you two to show him around the school"

"Please to meet you Prof. Vijayakanth, " said Harry

"AAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNGGG!!!!" Vijaykanth shouted. Harry and Ron jumped back in shock. Vijayakanth dived forward, grabbed Harry by the collar and pulled him closer.

"Garry Thambi, edukku ni kannadi pottu kondu irukkira, muttal mathiri?!!" asked Prof. Vijayakanth. "Ne oru wizard thaane? magic panni...sort out your kan, AAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGG!!!!"

Terrified, Harry turned to Ron for a translation. Ron responded with a grimace

"I'm scared Harry" he sobbed.