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After finally accepting the devastation that his films have caused on the Tamil community, Vijay decides to redeem himself by approaching me to help him destroy all DVD's and reels of his films. Despite the best attempts of evil producers to thwart us, we defeat them and stand together in a steel works factory over a vat of hot molten lava.

"It's finally over" I say throwing the last Sura DVD into the lava. "Your films will never hurt another Tamil again"

"No" Vijay responds. "There is one more", he points to himself and I suddenly understand what he means. Having grown close to him during our adventure I am distraught over what he has planned

"NO! There has to be another way" I plead. "You don't have to do this..."

"I'm sorry" Vijay responds. "There is no choice. For as long as I live there will always be a risk of another Vijay movie.."

I begin to cry, despite our past differences I now see him as a brother. Vijay reaches out and touches my face. His finger touches a tear

"Emotion....something that I am incapable of showing", he says in wonder staring at the tear. He attempts to cry but ends up looking constipated instead. I suck my lips into my mouth to prevent myself from laughing. He gives up, sighs and steps off the ledge.

"Goodbye, brother" he says as he slowly sinks into the hot lava. He disappears, his hand sinking last, at the last second it forms into a fist with the thumb extended. A final thumbs up. Then its gone.