Karthi found guilty of wasting peoples time


Reported by Snake Babu

 Brother of Surya and "actor” Karthi Sivakumar has been found guilty by the Indian High Court for wasting peoples time and will serve his community service by releasing no films whatsoever for a 12-month period.

 The sentence was the conclusion of a two week trial after the police received a record number of 10 million complaints from angry cinema patrons who had watched Alex Pandian. The actor will serve his sentence immediately and has been ordered to pay back everyone who had watched his film.

 The actors defence council, specialists in representing actors who make piss-poor films, described the sentence as ‘barbaric’, despite crowds cheering the announcement outside the court.

 The court had been told Karthi caused "anger and resentment” among people who had watched his latest release, but his barrister countered the claim saying Alex Pandian was the least offensive film Karthi has made (referencing Saguni)

 Like if you want me to fire left gun, comment if you want me to fire right gun

 "My client believed that Alex Pandian would be a super hit. He is in a state of shock at everyone’s reaction to the film. He believed it could bag him a National Award”

 Karthi spoke outside the court of his intention to obey his community service order, before releasing twenty new films in 2014.