Mahinda Rajapaksa reunited with long lost parents


Reported by Nishanth Selvarajah

In Colombo yesterday, President Mahinda Rajapaksa was reunited with his long, lost family. For years it had been a secret in the Rajapaksa family that Mahinda was adopted. 


Mahinda’s real parents, Mr and Mrs Wikramasinge (from Galle), had been trying for years to reunite themselves with their son, but their efforts were always stopped by the Rajapaksa family. The main reason for this was that both Mr and Mrs Wikramasinge suffered from a congenital condition known as "torsonic polarity syndrome” or "TPS” which has them born with their faces appearing as human buttocks. With the syndrome, however, they still retain all normal functionality of their faces (including noses, eyes, etc.) under the buttocks. It has long been rumoured that Mahinda too suffered from this condition but, until yesterday’s revelation, it was always strongly denied by both him and his family - despite Mahinda’s face definitely resembling a human buttock. 

Mrs and Mrs Wikramasinge

 "We were just not ready for Mahinda to know... With the recent war crime allegations and all, we told Mr and Mrs Wikramasinge that it just wasn't time..." Mahinda’s adopted brother Gotabhaya Rajapaksa told 

However, Mr and Mrs Wikramasinge did not give up and continued to harras the Rajapaksa family until they agreed. 

It is believed that Gotabhaya first told Mahinda of his secret past on their flight back from London following the Queens Jubilee. Mahinda was said to have broke down in tears and immediately demanded to see his real family. 

"We have been following his career since day one. We have been desperate to tell him the truth for so long about his ancestry and also explain to him and his sons (our grandchildren) why their faces look like human buttocks” Marvin Wikramasinge said before his touching reunion with his son. 

The reunion was said to be a tearful one and although Mahinda refused to comment we have been told that he is extremely happy. However, with the war crime allegation still looming over his buttock shaped head, we wonder how long that happiness will continue. We hear at wait with baited breath. 

The reunion