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Have you ever experienced love failure? Have you ever had a mad crush on a girl only to eventually discover that she did not feel the same? Your heart ripped out, repeatedly stamped on and then flushed down the toilet like a dead goldfish? My friend Snake Babu has experienced all of this and he has been kind enough to share his tragic story with us. 

Several days ago, Snake sent an innocent e-mail to someone he had admired for a very long time and before he knew it he was balls deep in a whirlwind romance. He believed that he could romance and win over this person with compliments and innocent little white lies, but it all blew up in his face. This incident forced him to flee his home in Chennai; leaving behind his beloved parents, little sister and his pet dog Chockalingham, to start a new life in the United Kingdom. Looking back, he now wishes he just sent her flowers and maybe a box of Ferrero Rocher - we all make mistakes.

What follows are the e-mail transcripts from those fateful days. Snake hopes that you readers will learn from his mistakes and make better choices in your life.

TIP: If you find it difficult to read some of the e-mails below, just click the picture to make it bigger :) 

Lets begin....

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