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Prashanth and Abbas walk into Starbucks. Vikram, who is inside enjoying a coffee, sees them and tries to avoid eye contact but it's too late. Prashanth has already seen him

"Vikram, how you?" Prashanth calls out walking towards him. Abbas sluggishly follows behind.

Vikram scans Prashanth up and down, he wasn't wearing shoes. Instead he was wearing two plastic bags crudely tied to his legs with a piece of vine. The plastic bags themselves looked old and had several holes exposing his grubby feet. Abbas was bare footed. They both wore tattered suit jackets, a dirty shirt and instead of trousers, a saram.

"How are you?" Vikram asks, secretly praying that the conversation is short. The stench of urine and alcohol emanating from them both was too much to bare.

"I'm good!" Prashanth enthusiastically responds. "Life is good"

An awkward 10 second silence follows and then suddenly Prashanth pulls out a gun


People starts screaming

"SHUT UP AND NO ONE GETS HURT!!" Prashanth shouts. "Abbas get the money out of the cash register.."

No response. Prashanth turns around to see Abbas with his hands up in the air, motionless


"You told everyone to freeze" Abbas replies confused. Prashanth responds with a sigh

"We've talked about this Abbas" he says, wincing and holding the bridge of his nose. "We went over this 20 FUCKING times...what's wrong with you Abbas?"

Police sirens are heard in the distance.

"Errr...Prashanth" Vikram gets Prashanth's attention. "What are you holding?"

"A sawn off shotgun" Prashanth responds, distracted by the police sirens. 

"Isn't it the other end that you're meant to use?" Vikram asks confused. Prashanth looks down at his weapon


Prashanth and Abbas run out of the store.