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The majority of Tamil stories that weíve heard and read as children are woven around the themes of justice, gods and delinquent kaka's stealing vadaiís from pensioners. However, if you search through the annals of Tamil literary and storytelling history you will find tales that are so fucked up that that they should only be told to children you hate. Stories like... 

The Prince and the Princess 

This delightful childrenís tale was told to me by a travelling story teller whilst I was travelling through the Karisal Kattu region of South India. If I remember correctly his name was Abimanu and he carried a heavy stench of urine and whiskey wherever he went. At the time, whilst he was telling me this story that I'm about to haunt you with, I questioned its authenticity as a true folk tale and wondered whether he was actually slyly confessing to a crime that he had once committed. He looked well dodgy. Anyway, the 'story' went something like this...

Once upon a time there was a prince who met and fell in love with a princess from a neighbouring kingdom. They wanted to marry but their parents disapproved since they hated each other. Why? Well, this is where things get fucked up: many years prior, the princeís father kidnapped and raped the princessís fatherís fiancé, producing the prince. In retaliation, the princess dad kidnapped the princes fathers fiancé and raped her producing the princess. 


Anyhow this led to full blown war between the two kingdoms and it took the intervention of a god to stop it. That god was Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, who probably face-palmed a zillion times during all the raping and killing, came down from his holy mountain and pimped slapped the two rapist Kings and ordered them to stop. The Kings reluctantly agreed to do so but did not want their respective raped fiancés back. So it was agreed that they each kept the woman they raped, along with the child. I know, I know...terrible misogyny. Fortunately Tamil society has evolved since...errr, never mind. Back to the story. 

The prince and princess, left with no choice, decide to run away and live a nearby forest. Life was not as rosy as they had hoped. There were no more servants to cook for them, clean them and wipe their royal asses and so they found it extremely difficult to survive and adapt to life living like tramps in a forest. Both eventually regretted their decision to run away but could not go back since in medieval Tamil Nadu it was considered a terrible sin to disobey your rapist father. Both struggled to feed themselves and eventually died of starvation. The End. 

Kid: Appa, did Lord Shiva come back and bring them back to life? Did they live happily ever after in the end? 

Dad: Nah, they're dead. Sweet dreams chellam. 

Youíre probably wondering what the fuck was the point of this story and if you could get your time back. I'm sorry but I never forced you to read, HA! Maybe it was created to scare and prevent kids from running away from home. If so, it makes you wonder why they added the rapist sub-plot. Anyway, the person who wrote it died hundreds of years ago (probably lynched and killed by the first people he told the story to). Therefore the moral and point died with him.