Tamil mans adoptive parents turn out to be his real parents


Story reported by Nishanth Selvarajah

After almost 10 years of searching, Mr Ramesh Selvadurai (pic above) - a Sri Lankan Tamil man from Hounslow (UK) has just discovered that his adoptive parents are in fact his real "birth” parents. 

In a shocking turn of events it was revealed that his adoptive parents had been playing a practical joke on him for the last 20 years. 

"It just started off as a joke, an off the cuff comment I made to Ramesh when he was 5 years old after he was naughty, it just kind of just snow balled and reached a point of no return” said Rajesh’s father Mohan. 

His mother, Priya, added, "I was desperate to tell him it was all just a joke, but it’s just kind of dragged out. I’m glad (after 10 years) it’s all over now and truth has come out.” 

Ramesh parents - couple of jokers

Ramesh had officially started looking for his "real” parents in 2002. 

"Ever since my father had told me I was adopted I was desperate to find out who my parents were and why they sent me for adoption. On my 15th birthday, I vowed to find them!” 

After 10 years of searching without much success, Ramesh finally got a break via a DNA paternity test in late April 2012. Ramesh described to us what happened, 

"One of the detective agencies that I hired found a couple in Croydon who they believed could be my real parents. The man looked just like me, so I was pretty confident it could be them but I was too scared to approach them. Therefore, I broke into their house and stole their tooth brushes and sent them in for DNA testing. In addition to their samples, I was requested to send my samples and both my "adoptive” parent’s samples to be used as a negative control. It was only after the testing did we discover that my DNA matched up with both my adoptive parents and not the Croydon couple.

DNA paternity test result

Ramesh immediately confronted his "adopted” parents who then told him the truth. 

Ramesh’s parents refused to comment upon further questioning but could be heard laughing in the other room as we talked to him.

"I just dont get why they would do this to me; they knew I was searching for my family and yet they stood there and watched me do it for 10 years without saying anything” 

The Croydon couple, who house Ramesh illegally broke into, have dropped all charges stating that "his suffered enough”. 

Ramesh’s parents both hope that he will one day forgive them and look back on this and laugh. We here at Mystic Tamil, wait with baited breath.