Holy shit, I have finally watched a Vijay film that did not make me want to rip my eyes out. 

Firstly, donít believe all the hype that hardcore Vijay fans have been pulling out of their asses, the story is not groundbreakingand we have seen Thuppakki's plot elements a million times before in other films. However, director and writer A.R"Whats Memento?ĒMurugadostones down the typical Vijay"mass"bullshit we are accustomed to and has created a story that, although very predictable, moves along at a nice pace and is quite engaging (for a Vijay film).

 This is not to say there are no stupid moments, some do creep in. For example, Vijayís character kidnapping terrorists, locking them in a cupboard in his parents house and torturing them, all while his family are in the next room (WTF?). However, these are kept to a minimum and during its running time I rarely felt the urge to pour acid into my eyes (as I normally feel like doing when I accidently come across a Vijay film). Also, visually the film looks amazing but itís not surprising considering it was Santosh Sivan who did the cinematography.

 In terms of performances; Vijay was outstanding. Donít get me wrong, this is no Oscar or National Award winning performance, far from it. He is essentially playing the same character that he always plays. However, itís clear from watching him "actĒ that he is enjoying himself and that kind of rubs off on you. His acting skills might be limited but he makes up for it with a ridiculous amount of screen presence and style. Iím not a fan of Murugados, I lost all respect for him when he claimed Ghajini washisoriginal idea, but he is the first man to write a story that did not make Vijay look retarded. Itís hard to describe unless you watch it but it just works and Murugados deserves a lot of credit for this. Vijay is quite simply a badass in this film and I had fun watching him punch his way through the bad guys.

In regards to the other actors; Kajal plays the role of Ďpretty light skinned retardí with skill. Her performance is akin to a tree, a tree slowly dying. Her character and love story with Vijay was pointless and I think it would have improved the film had they removed it. The villain is surprisingly good and is a match for Vijayís super intelligent secret agent.The "comedyĒ is mainly provided by Sathyan who is quite possibly one of the most annoyingactors in Kollywood.I did not find himfunny and he has this "kambi thambi" persona that makesyouwant topunch him wheneveryousee him on screen. It would not surprise me if this dude pees sitting down.

This isVijayís best film. However, if you look through Vijayís filmography this statement is equivalent to someone saying that Rajapaksa is nice bloke compared to Hitler.However, Thuppakki is significant progress in Vijayís career. Normally Vijay films kindly request you to take your brains out, beat it with a cricket bat, piss on it and then flush it down the toilet before watching. Thuppakki merely requires you to leave your brains in your car. If you do that and avoid all the hype from retarded Vijay fans, I promise that you will enjoy it.