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This article was originally going to be called 'Top 5 Cringe Inducing YouTube video's Feat. Tamils' but during my research I realised that 80% of the video's belonged to one man. That man was T Rajendar! 

If you ever wondered what the unholy love child of Vijaykanth and Chewbacca's sister would look like, T Rajendar is the answer. Affectionately known as "Karaddi" by his fans, this half man-half beast has been both entertaining and terrorising Tamil cinema audiences for almost 40 years. 

This guy takes a lot of crap from people and after watching the videos below you will realise that its all fully deserved. However, as far as I am concerned the man is a fat hairy "Pokkisham" (treasure) of all Tamilians throughout the world. Whenever I'm sad, I go to YouTube and type "T Rajendar" and within minutes all my problems have disappeared. I now refer to this routine as "Karadi Therapy". 

What follows are what I consider to be his Top 6 hilariously ridiculous videos. Videos that will guarantee to cheer you up whenever you're feeling down. 

#6 Veerasamy Exposed

The following clip was taken from a "behind the scenes" documentary on the making of TR's 2007 Super Flop 'Veerasamy'. 

I know what you're thinking...








I've been told that Hollywood is keeping an eye on the South Indian film industry with the potential of giving some much needed investment. Lets all hold our hands and pray that they don't see this clip. 

#5 Sombu's Shame

Don't you hate it when parents embarrass you in front of your friends? TR takes this to another level...

After watching this clip, I'm left wondering two things...

(1) What the fuck was the original question that resulted in this level of response?

(2) At what point did Simbu officially give up on life and slowly start dying inside? My bet is around 0.48sec..

If I close my eyes and pray, hopefully he will go away..

#4 Karadi Orgasm

I literally have no words for this...

#3 T Rajendar, Air Guitar Hero

Once again, I am left wondering what the hell the original question was! You need to watch the entire words cannot do it justice! 

#2 TR's Love Anthem for Africa 

To be fully appreciated, this video needs to be watched in public and with the volume on full blast...go on DO IT!!! Now hit that play button...

This is quite possibly, the worst thing to happen to Africa since apartheid. 


In case your wondering where you can get the lyrics for this masterpiece, here you go...

PalaaPilappa PalaaPilappa PalaaPilappa PalaaPilappa

Vevaaaa Thaka Dhukku Dhakka Veva

Jaaaa Jaaaa Jaaaa Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

ooh ahh ohh ohhh aaah ohhh aaah

Ipdi nu avanaye attract pannuven

There are numerous version of this video on YouTube, the one below is my favourite..

#1 Suppress, Oppress and Depress 

This video is not particularly funny, I just think it's awesome. Whoever did it, is a freaking genius. Just listen to it (all of it) and see for your self...