Top 5 Awesome Performances in Terrible Tamil films


Every year thousands of movies are produced by the Tamil film industry. Living in the UK I donít get to see all of them but out of the ones that do reach us the majority are terrible with no redeeming feature. However, once in a blue moon there will be one actor who stands out. One great performance that gave the one silver lining that enabled me to sit through and tolerate the bullshit that my eyes were being subjected to.

 As a thank you to these performances Iíve put together a small list of my favourite performances in what I consider shitty Tamil movies. If youíre a pan (yes, a pan Ė not a typo) who disagrees with me, let me know your thoughts by writing it on a piece of paper and then setting it alight.

 Letís beginÖ


#5 Vadivelu in Kadhalan


 There are some out there who claim that Shankarís 1994 romantic comedy is the greatest love story that Kollywood has ever produced but címon? Letís put aside AR Rahmanís awesome soundtrack and that epic moment when Prabu Deva gets sodomised with an icicle and judge Kadhalan as a film: it starred Prabu Deva, a great dancer but terrible actor, and Nagma, another terrible actor and built like someone who should be pulling temple thers and finally the screenplay itself read like a transcription of a hobo getting his stomach pumped.

Yes, they went there

However, in the middle of all that bullshit there was Vadivelu. At the time he was known only for bit part roles but it was in Kadhalan that he became a household name. His performance in Kadhalan can be described as a comedy acting tour-de-force. Vadivel performs and delivers lines in Kadhalan like his kidnapped family would be killed if he wasnít funny. He literally dominated and chewed up every scene he was in, digested it and shitted out hilarious.


#4 Pasuphathy in Kuselan

In all honesty this article could be made entirely of Pasupathy performances: from Veyyil to E to Raman Thediya Seethai to Aravaan, he has brought his A-game to average Tamil movies time and time again. Nowhere was this more evident than in 2008 film Kuselan, a pointless remake and glorified tribute to the superstar status of Rajinikanth.

 The film is best remembered for being both a financial and critical flop, which is not surprising considering the lifeless performances and an over melodramatic script. The only person to come out with any glory was Pasupathy. He literally towers above everyone in the film by delivering a convincing performance of a decent and honest man trying to keep his family together during hard times.


#3 Dhanush in 3

 3 in my opinion was a movie of missed opportunity. The film could have been great but Aiswarya Dhanush chickened out and instead of creating the original and thought provoking film her idea deserved she instead opted for the tried and tested formula of Tamil melodrama. A film whose main take home message is that the only solution to life's problems is to slit your throat with a bread knife.

 However, the one thing that she did get right was casting her husband in the lead role. Dhanushís performance saves the film big time and elevates it into something watchable. Usually when a Tamil actor attempts to play someone with a mental disability or a psychological problems we are treated to something more disrespectful and politically incorrect than my 12 year old nephew repeatedly slapping his wrist, grunting and calling his sister a retard. However, Dhanush breaks the mould and his performance is subtle, realistic and emotional.


#2 Prakash Raj in Ghilli


No film has been rescued harder than Prakash Raj rescued Ghilli. The story of Ghilli was so simple it wouldíve been held back 10 years in high school and not graduated until it was 28.

 Prakash Raj totally dominates Ghilli as the evil (but totally hilarious) Muthupandi.

 Watch this clip chellams...


Vijay simply looks confused and suicidal at the awesomeness on display in front of him. Prakash Raj not only provides the films comic relief but also gives the character a chilling edge and lends tension to a movie sorely lacking in it otherwise.


#1 Simbu in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa


It isnít so much that VTV is a terrible movie as it really wouldnít be worth watching if not for Simbu. Yeah, you read that right, Simbu!!


I honour him with the number one spot since I never expected it from him. Quite arguably the most annoying actor in the Tamil film industry, the self proclaimed "Young SuperstarĒ (yes he called himself that before it was adopted by his pans) prior to VTV spent the majority of his career succeeding in being a poor manís Rajinikanth. But he took the role of Karthik, a love struck young man, driven to frustration by his emotionally fickle girlfriend, and made it into something real, emotional and first Tamil movie character in a long time that most 20-something Tamil males could relate with.


Then Osthi happened, and his retarded performance in that film brought balance back into world.