UK Tamil boy enters Guinness Book of Records


News Reported by Pattikadu Mohan 

A Tamil boy from the United Kingdom is currently celebrating after entering the Guinness Book of Records for eating the most mutton rolls in a 24 hour period. 

Sivan Krishnamoothy, a 25 stone, 13 year old student from Hounslow (pictured above) munched his way through an astonishing 465 mutton rolls, eclipsing the previous best of 20 mutton rolls set by a ex-Hindu priest, turned gangster rapper MC Ganapathy.

"Iím ecstatic! Muttons rolls are my favourite food. I have them all the time; for breakfast, for brunch, for lunch and for dinner, I freaking love mutton rollĒ he told journalist outside his parents home. When questioned about their sonsí achievement, Sivan's parents both broke down and cried, refusing to comment.  

Previous record holder MC Ganapathy (pictured below) was in a state of shock after we informed that his record had finally been beaten, "SHIIIIIIIIIT, you kidding me right?! 465 mutton rolls, I only eat like 20 rolls! Why the fuck did he have to eat 465?!Ē he said. 

Sivan now hopes his fame will help him achieve his dream of becoming a Kollywood leading man. "Iím currently talking to Captain Vijaykanthís agent; they say I could be massive!Ē 

We at Mystic Tamil wait with baited breath.